Skip to content Poll: Moms Grow Optimistic About Family Vacation

February 15, 2011

Based on our newly released Why Moms Rule 2011 Family Travel Survey, more Moms are comfortable about taking time off work for family vacation this year, but they’re still watching their purse strings. Almost two-thirds (64%) of the employed Moms are optimistic about actually taking all of their paid vacation days, up from only 57% last year.

Just as last year, however, most plan to pay for vacations out of current resources such as monthly savings or tax returns. Forty-four percent of Baby Boom and Gen X Moms and 46% of Gen Y Moms will pay with monthly savings, followed by 28% of Gen Y and X Moms and 11% of Boomers using their tax refunds. This cash mentality mirrors last year’s feelings.

Download the survey results by clicking here.

Survey Methodology:

The online survey was conducted January 14 – 17, 2011, among U.S. Moms who were over eighteen years of age, with at least one child living in the household, and who planned to travel with their family for leisure purposes in 2011. Results are based on 634 total responses, with a margin of error of 4% at a 96% confidence level.

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